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The main components of SAⅠadmixture are sulfate, aluminate and organic alcohol amines, etc. It is a high-performance alkali-free shotcrete accelerator for use in the wet-mix spraying process,particularly useful for rapid-hardening concrete and quick-setting concrete. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, no corrosion of steel and harmless to human health.

ART-SAⅠadmixture meet the requirements of Chinese standard JC477 Standard Specification forAdmixtures for Shotcrete and America standard ASTM C1141/C1141M-08.





Low dosage: 5~8% of cementmass, remarkable accelerating performance, short interval between initial and finalsetting time.

Good early strength development and continual early-age strength development. 1d strength of mortar exceeds 10MPa, 28d strength ratio is up to 100~110%.

No alkaline substance, low Cl- content(<0.01%), no bad effect on the durability of concrete.

Have a good injection effect,fast setting hardening, small rebound and less consumption.

Have a slight compensatedshrinkagefunction, preventing cracking after injection molding effectively.



According to the performance indicators and requirements of users, the product is in line with national, industry and enterprise standards.


Underground engineering: mine roadways, traffic tunnels, hydraulic tunnels, underground railways and all kinds of underground tunnels (underground power station, warehouse, etc.) of the supporting lining of the shotcrete;

Rock engineering:supportin wall slopes, excavations, embankments, reservoir engineering, water channels,etc;

Repair and reinforcement works: bridges, seawalls, repair dams, docks, cooling towers, chimneys and the reinforcement of buildings, and the chemical corrosion of oilfields, the building structure repair such as fires, earthquakes, explosion shock overload orpoor construction , etc.

Protection engineering: all kinds of structure of the fire and corrosion protection, as well as waterproof andplugging engineering.

Fire resistant engineering: the construction and repair of the chimneys and various thermal furnace pits.


Guidelines for Use

Dosage: The dosage of SAⅠadmixtureranges between 5~8% of the cementing materialweight.According to the adaptability of cement, temperature and construction technology, etc. the dosage can be adjusted to the best in the recommended range.

To use this product, mix cement, sand and stone first, then mix with water to spray instantly in the spraying machine mouth.



The dosage must be in accord with the proportion of mixture. Construction should be strictly conducted according to the operation of the construction specification.

The injection must accord to the standard operation. The uniform, flat and dense spraying should be taken note.

When combining with other admixtures, the compatibility should be tested.

To use this product, appropriate maintenance is necessary according to engineering conditions and requirements,


Packaging and Storage

This product is liquid, plastic barrels, drums or tank containers etc. can be used to transport, it can also accord to the users’ requirements for special packaging.

During storage, please note that the frost or the direct exposure to the sun must be avoided,the warranty period is six months.