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ART® M15polycarboxylate superplasticizer for concrete pipe pile, developed by JiangsuArit New Materials Co.Ltd, is a new generation of polycarboxylate superplasticizer specially designed for concrete pipe pile . It has the advantages of high water reduction, highcompressive strength, high early strength, low shrinkage ability, etc. It is well adapted to various concrete materials with low dosage, especially to the production of precast concrete.






High water reduction: meets the requirements of Chinese standard GB/T 8076-2008 and the water reduction is up to more than 25%.

High early strength: Time-setting of concrete is more than 1h earlier; compressive strength of 12h is up to 170~250% under the standard curing of 20°C; mold unloading time of concrete shortens above 4h and no reduction of concrete late age strength.

Highcompressive strengths: Compressive strengths significantly increases by 90~150% at the age of 1d, 50~110% at the age of 3d, 40~100% at the age of 7d, and 20~50% at the age of 90d.

Good thixotropic property: Low plastic viscosity and low yield stressunder the condition of small water-cement ratio and little slump, especially suitable for centrifugal process of pipe pile.

Excellent workability: High ability against bleeding or segregation, low resistance and easy for distribution, no bleeding mark or obvious bubble defect and excellent aesthetic appearance.

Low shrinkage: Concrete dry shrinkage reduces above 10%; good volume stability; surface cracking risk reduction ofconcrete members and durability improvement of concrete members.

High durability: Low alkali content and no chloride ions; remarkable improvement on the frost resistance and carbonation resistanceincreases 2~3 times higher than thatof normal concrete.

High compatibility: compatibly with a great range of cement types and mineral admixtures, particularly fit for the active blending ingredients such as slag and fly ash, etc.

Stable performance, no toxic and pollution-free, long-term storage with no stratificationand no crystallization in winter.


Guidelines for Use

Recommended dosage:1.0~2.0% of cementing materials’ amount, and the dosage can be up to 2.0~4.0% for high strength concrete.

Mixing method: evenly mixed with water before pouring into the mixer together.

Carry out the mix proportiontest for the best dosage before using.

Compatibility test is needed when the cement variety is changed.

Compatibility test must be needed when mixing with other admixtures.



Cement compatibility test is neededwhen cement variety is changed or new cement is used.

The product must be correctly measured according to the mix proportion test. Casting concrete must be in strict accordance with the construction specifications.

Naphthalene sulfonate admixtures are forbidden to mix with the product. Compatibility test is neededwhen mixing with other admixtures.

The maintenance must be strengthened according to the construction standards as other conventional concrete works.

It is recommended to take straw and plastic film to cover for anti-freezing measures in winter constructions and carry out thestrengthened maintenance in strict accordance with the construction specifications.



The product can be transported by a tank car ora plastic container (1 tons / barrel), or specially packed according to customer requirements.

The product has a one-year shelf life. In case of precipitation within shelf life, the performance will not be declined with evenly mixing before using.

The container of the product must be sealed to prevent exposing to the sun and cold.