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ART® M2 RetardingPolycarboxylate Superplasticizer


ART® M2 is a carboxylic acid graft copolymer concrete admixture with alkali reactive activitydeveloped byARIT, it has the advantages of slump loss resistance function. M21 has the good adaptability to the concrete preparation material and the dosage is low, particularly applicable to concrete engineering with long time flow-retention,slump loss resistance in high temperature, medium to low slump retention, precast pumping, etc.






High slump-retaining ability: almost no slump or expansion loss of the concrete within 5h whatever the temperature is. Initial and final setting time of concrete can be extended to5-12h according to requirements of construction.
Mixing with ART® M1 superplasticizer, the workabilityof fresh concrete and mechanical properties of hardened concrete would be more guaranteed.
Low alkaline substance: low Cl- content, no corrosion effect on the durability of concrete,improvement on the durability of concrete.
High compatibility: compatibly with a great range of cement types and mineral admixtures, particularly fit for the active blending ingredients such as slag and fly ash, etc.
Stable performance, no toxic and pollution-free, long-term storage with no stratificationand no crystallization in winter.


Constructions of mass concrete, self-compacting concrete and high-strength concrete, etc. in hot weather.
Suitable for all kinds of labeledprecast, pumping, long-distance transported concrete, fluid concrete, medium to highgrade concrete and super high strength concrete.
Applicable to the precast and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concreteconstruction of industrial and civil buildings, roads, bridges, ports, airports, high-speed railway, etc.


Guidelines for Use
Recommended dosage:0.6~1.2% of cementing materials’ amount.
Mixing method: evenly mixed with water before pouring into the mixer together.
Carry out the mix proportiontest for the best dosage before using.
Compatibility test is needed when the cement variety is changed.
Compatibility test must be needed when mixing with other admixtures.


Cement compatibility test is neededwhen cement variety is changed or new cement is used.
The product must be correctly measured according to the mix proportion test. Casting concrete must be in strict accordance with the construction specifications.
Naphthalene sulfonate admixtures are forbidden to mix with the product. Compatibility test is neededwhen mixing with other admixtures.
The maintenance must be strengthened according to the construction standards as other conventional concrete works.
It is recommended to take straw and plastic film to cover for anti-freezing measures in winter constructions and carry out thestrengthened maintenance in strict accordance with the construction specifications.


The product can be transported by a tank car ora plastic container (1 tons / barrel), or specially packed according to customer requirements.
The product has a one-year shelf life. In case of precipitation within shelf life, the performance will not be declined with evenly mixing before using.
The container of the product must be sealed to prevent exposing to the sun and cold.