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Chinese companies premiere at Serbia's international building trade fair

2017/4/20 11:36:33         Author:ARIT Planning Center         Source:ARIT Planning Center

BELGRADE, April 19 -- The 43rd International Building Trade Fair opened on Wednesday, highlighting latest trends in the industry and also featuring 17 companies from China, mostly manufacturers of stone products and tools.

Zorana Mihajlovic, Serbian minister of construction, transport and infrastructure, said at the opening that domestic construction companies can compete to participate in projects led by the government with the total value of 970 million euros (1.03 billion U.S. dollars)

Around 36,000 people are expected to visit the one of the busiest fairs of its kind in southeast Europe, organizers stated.

Seventeen Chinese companies are listed as participants at the fair for the first time, most of them involved in manufacturing and distribution of granite, marble and other stones, but also manufacturers of tools and equipment for processing of stone.

Li Zhimeng, general manager of the Xiamen Soarwing Stone, says his company and the whole pavilion of Chinese companies at the fair believe they can find opportunities in the local market.

"This is my first time to be here and we want to tap the market," Li told Xinhua, adding one of the reasons for their participation are good relations between China and Serbia that resulted in recent visa liberalization.

David Yin, vice-general manager of the Xiamen Mastone Equipment, manufacturer of stone processing equipment, said: "I think that this is a good chance and a probably a good bridge for us to come to European market. We weren't here before and we want to check it out."