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Sichuan province signed 4 high-speed investment

2016/4/26 17:31:19         Author:ARIT Planning Center         Source:ARIT Planning Center

Sichuan operating highway investment reach a new level again. On the morning of 25th April, the project investment agreements of Chengdu new Airport Expressway, Chengdu Economic Area link Expressway Pujiang to Dujiangyan section, Chengdu-Anhui-Chongqing expressway Sichuan section and Guang'an City transit highway were signed in Sichuan Provincial Department of transportation. 

These 4 highway projects with a total length of 446 kilometers and a total investment of 620 million yuan. This is the first batch of centralized contracting highway project this year in Sichuan Province, they all be carried out according to the rhythm of the start of this year, the 13th Five-YearExpressway work of Sichuan province achieved a "good start".

Sichuan Province transportation hall relevant responsible person said, this year is a "project year"determined by the Sichuan provincial Party committee and the provincial government, the province's highway will ensure the realization of three "500" target, which is to ensure that completed projects more than 500 km, the new construction more than 500 kilometers, new reserves more than 500 kilometers; traffic mileage exceeded 6500 km, completed and under construction total mileage exceeded 8000 kilometers.