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Shandong will start to build 5 projects during the “13th Five-year”period

2016/4/22 15:38:30         Author:ARIT Planning Center         Source:ARIT Planning Center

April 20th, knowned from the national development and Reform Commission of Shandong Province that, during the 13th Five-yearperiod, Shandong will start to build 5 projects including the Lunan high speed railway, Weifang-Laixi railway, Jinan-Liaocheng railway, Jinan-Laiwu railway, Jinan-Binzhou(Dongying) railway and so on,the construction mileage are 1011 kilometers , with a total investment of 142.5 billion yuan. And it is expected that in the end of "13th Five-Year", the railway traffic mileage of Shandong province will reach 6800 km.Many cities will end the history of no railways.


According to statistics, Shandong completed 104.6 billion railway construction investment during"Twelfth Five-Year" period, 346 million yuan, 189 billion yuan and 53 billion yuan higher than Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Anhui provinces. The new increasing railway mileage of Shandong province during"Twelfth Five Year"period were 1517 kilometers,756 kilometers, 780 km and 217 km higher than Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province and Anhui provinces.


At present, Shandong province has 7 railway projects which are under the construction, the railway mileage of these construction are 653 kilometers, with a total investment of 119.4 billion yuan.