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Shanghai announced the rail transit planning of the next ten years

2016/4/19 15:33:38         Author:ARIT Planning Center         Source:ARIT Planning Center

From 2017 to 2025 years, Shanghai will plan to build 9 lines, a total length of 285 km.The information obtained from the second EIA publicity of "Shanghai urban rail transit construction planning (2017-2025)" on April 18.


The scope of this publicity including the rail transit 19th line,first phase of 20th line, first phase of 21th line, first phase of 23 line, 1st line west extension, 13th line west extension, Jia-min line, airport contact lines and Chongming line,totally 9 lines and the whole distances are about 285 km.


According to the plan, rail 19th line from Meilong, Minhang,and finally to Baoshan Yanghang.It mainly along the Jiming road,Pudong road, Jiangyang south road walking. Total length are about 40km, and set more than 30 base station.


Rail transit airport contact line is from Hongqiao junction, and finally to Shanghai East station. It mainly along the east of Shanghai-Hangzhou passenger dedicated line,Chunshentang,outer circle line walking.Total length are about 68km, and set 8 base station.