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Corporate philosophy: hard work to win the future
corporate mission: security building, better life
corporate vision: to be an expert for concrete admixtures
To the company:when the company is developing smoothly,
we should make persistent efforts, be prepared for danger in times of peace;
when the company is making changes,
we should show understanding and support, actively cooperate;
when the company is faced with suffering, we should come forward,
To work: the"dedicated" attitude towards work is our minimum requirement,
with the "occupation" spirit in the work is our qualified standard,
with "career" ideal into the work is our effort direction.
To oneself: self -confidence, self -regulation
To colleagues:mutual respect, unity and cooperation
To the superior:respect leaders, obey the management
To subordinates: care to help, effective communications
Bear the responsibility,
Value credibility and integrity
Dare to innovate
Promote a win-win situation